Helping 'Love The Child'

Love the Child's Mission is to bring glory to God by caring for disadvantaged children in Jesus' name. Our goal is to enable these children, through loving relationships with caring adults and with one another, to develop into healthy and complete image bearers of God who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and who will have positive effect on their culture and their world.

Start today by making a difference and a child's life.

Steve and Shyrel Osborn

Steve and Shyrel Osborn are the founders of Love the Child and Amor del Niño. Since 1997, they have worked with private and government orphanages throughout Guatemala. In that time they saw how every child needs a family environment to flourish. They also saw that many orphanages were limited in their ability to care for children with special needs.

They determined to create an environment that mixes the best resources in child development sciences with a family-like atmosphere. They currently care for children with emotional and physical difficulties in an inclusive environment in their small home, and want to establish a setting that allows these children with special needs to be healed and develop into the fullness of the person that they were created to be.

Picture of Steve and Shyrel Osborn
Steve and Shyrel Osborn
Contact us in Guatemala at:
Steve -
Shyrel -
Steve - 011-502-5865-8577
Shyrel - 011-502-5865-8760
Contact us in the US at:
(985) 221-5221
Love the Child
108 Venus Road
Morgan City, LA 70380
Photo of Josh, Abby and Gabby
Joshua, age 15, and two of our granddaughters, Abby our newest (in Joshua's lap) and Gabby,
age 7. Our granddaughters live with us in our Children’s Home in San Cristobal, Guatemala, while Joshua is attending school in the US.

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